Springbrook Rescue
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The Vision

Springbrook Plateau is the wet heartland of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area, a window into an ancient world where the ancestry of much of this earth’s biological diversity survives.  

ARCS’ vision for the Springbrook World Heritage precinct is of a stable refuge for the ancient plants and animals that have endured for millennia to continue to survive and evolve, and that World Heritage will play a meaningful role in the life of the community.

In 2009, the Queensland Government enshrined its vision for Springbrook in the South East Queensland Regional Plan (2009–2031):

The vision for Springbrook is of a vibrant community of residents and visitors sustaining and sustained by World Heritage values, and a mostly natural landscape that inspires and revives the human spirit.

The allocation by the Beattie Labor Government of AUD40 million for purchase of land to greatly expand the Springbrook National Park and World Heritage Area will be recognised by future generations as a significant milestone in the State’s conservation history.

To realise The Vision, ARCS established the Springbrook Rescue Project with a focus on restoring the rainforests. The project has received some funding for the period 2012–2015 from the Biodiversity Fund of the Australian Government’s Clean Energy Future Plan.