Springbrook Rescue
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Acquisitions for conservation

Acquisition of land to add to the National Park and World Heritage Area is a fundamental component of Springbrook Rescue.

The Springbrook component of the World Heritage Area was too small (2500 ha), ill-configured and fragmented such as to raise serious doubts about its long-term viability, especially in the context of climate change.

Appropriate acquisitions include land that adjoins the national park or has the potential to provide linkages between existing fragmented sections of the park. Such land ranges from well forested to almost totally cleared.

A central component of Springbrook Rescue is restoring rainforest and other vegetation types on cleared land, re-establishing critical habitat for plants and animals, functional connectivity in critical bottleneck areas and restoring health to streams that are the lifeblood of these ecosystems.

Land for conservation at Springbrook has been purchased by the Queensland Government and other land has been acquired by ARCS for protection in perpetuity.

The World Heritage Area is shown shaded in light green.