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Partners in the Springbrook Rescue Project
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Corporate Partners

There have been three informal corporate ‘partnerships’ involved in Springbrook Rescue: ICT International, Kennedy’s Timbers, and Sketchbox. Also, we are a much cared for pro bono client of international law firm Allens  (formerly Allens Arthur Robinson). Our long-association with these companies is such a positive, rewarding experience, and heartening reassurance that World Heritage means much to many people.

Many other companies that regularly provide equipment, other supplies or service give significant discounts as a measure of their support for the objectives of Springbrook Rescue and in recognition of the essentially volunteer nature of the initiative. Others give comfort that we are in good hands. They have provided excellent and sustained service and include Garden Nursery Products (Bundall, Gold Coast), Keith Hamilton Electrical Contractor (Springbrook, now retired), Chris Young Locksmith (Springbrook), Faunatech (Victoria), and Forestry Tools (Willoughby, New South Wales).

ICT International
ICT International, centred in Armidale, NSW, has provided invaluable advice and assistance relating to equipment for our environmental monitoring projects (Projects SRC1, SRC2). Dr Peter Cull founded the company in 1982, which is now one of the leading suppliers of soil, plant and general environmental monitoring equipment in the world. We are very grateful for Peter’s generosity and early encouragement that transformed our aspirations to practical reality. Both Peter and Michael have visited Springbrook to inspect and advise on our project. All equipment for our TREON Project (SRC1) was supplied by ICT International (http://www.ictinternational.com.au) Dr Michael Forster, ICT associate and specialist in plant physiology, has been equally helpful. The collaborative Wireless Sensor Network which ARCS initiated involves the CSIRO, EHP1 and ARCS as integral partners. ICT were major equipment suppliers. The project won the Queenland iAwards for Research and Development in 2012.

Dr Peter Cull, founder of ICT International, designer of precision monitoring equipment and specialist in soil moisture and its monitoring

Dr Michael Forster, specialist in monitoring technologies for plant water use and growth. Michael provided invaluable help to get us set up for our Project SP2 relating to plant resource use efficiencies for understanding competitive relations and shade tolerance
Kennedys Timbers

Michael Kennedy, of Kennedy’s Timbers who specialise in recycled timber, has provided significant financial and materials support for the Springbrook Rescue project since its inception in 2005. Our association with Michael goes back many years to when we worked together on developing appropriate timber recycling policies for the state. Michael’s support and encouragement in those early days was invaluable. Kennedy’s Timbers, at Narangba, Queensland, is the largest timber recycling plant in the Southern Hemisphere, supplying high quality recycled timber around the world. Many are award-winning projects.


Michael Kennedy, of Kennedy’s Timbers, providing a significant early financial impetus to our project. He would not have envisaged at the time that the Springbrook project would become one of 12 internationally recognised Case Study areas for ecological restoration in protected areas. Our Case Study is No. 11 and published by the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas.



Marija Hunter founded Sketchbox in 2001. Marija and brother Rick are one of the most ingenious and innovative teams of custom web site and creative graphic design and animation anywhere in Australia. Marija is also a specialist in social media. By happy coincidence we were first introduced to Marija by Michael Kennedy (above). Marija and Rick designed our original Springbrook Lyrebird Retreat, Koonjewarre and Springbrook Rescue websites. Both Marija and Rick have a strong affinity with nature. Rick has branched out to form his own company “Strange Insite Design” but is still involved with ARCS web sites. [We love his “little green genie” animation relating to climate change.].

Marija Hunter, founder of Sketchbox

Rick Hunter, founder of Strange Insite Designs

Allens is an international law firm with offices throughout Australia and Asia, and with a strong commitment to the community. Special Counsel, Glenys Hodges is one of the most brilliant lawyers we have met – always finding an angle or solution where others could not. Glenys and her colleagues have committed unbelievably over the years, through the development of our partnership agreements, leases and licences associated with Springbrook Rescue and the legal minefield associated with gifts of land such as Ankida from Geoffrey and Shirley Miller. Allens put together a team of their best talents (including an Allens partner, Tracey Harrip) to address any complex issues we are facing. It is so reassuring to know we have such angels looking after the project, so critical for its long-term sustainability. To read more about Allens' involvement in the community, click here -

Glenys Hodges, Special Counsel with international
law firm Allens and exemplar of community service.