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Music group: Blues Masters

A new group was formed, initiated by Burnice Starkey and Hans Dauncey to help combat the scourge of Aristea ecklonii.  Burney and Hans were the original driving force for the involvement of Brisbane Bushwalkers in Springbrook Rescue. They’ve called themselves the “Blues Masters”, playing on Blue Stars and their common interest in making music, with members coming from as far as Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Many of the group are Morris dancers as well.

Down comes the pagoda for protection from the blistering
sun as the new team works on digging out Aristea ecklonii from cell B155 on Warblers in the Mist

The trial of a pagoda for sun protection worked very well. More will be bought for the next groups so work on eradicating the scourge of Aristea ecklonii can continue regardless of the weather. The long grass, Setaria sphacelata has grown to shoulder high in less than two weeks after
the recent rains.

Youngest member, 15-year old Glen worked as hard as any adult and was fascinated by the stick insects and other
wildlife that abounds on the site next to Mundora Creek.
The group photo is taken at the end for our historical records. The work sessions of 2 hours each are broken by very welcome morning tea and freshly brewed coffee from home-grown beans brought by Rhea for the coffee machine.

A superb 170 kg of Aristea was collected from the cell after
44 person hours of combined effort from 11 people.
The music begins as Hans and Paul take out their accordions. Others join in later with a range of other instruments.

Young musical prodigy Glen has perfect pitch and can credibly play any instrument he picks up for the first time. The indefatigable, charismatic, selfless Burnice Starkey, who has made such a contribution to Springbrook Rescue. Burney went off sailing into the marine wonderland off the Queensland coast with her partner Hans.