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Springbrook — a World Heritage Precinct

The World Heritage Convention, to which Australia was one of the early signatories, defines obligations for member countries. Following are extracts from the Convention.

Article 4
Each State Party to this Convention recognizes that the duty of ensuring the identification, protection, conservation, presentation and transmission to future generations of the cultural and natural heritage …. situated on its territory, belongs primarily to that State. It will do all it can to this end, to the utmost of its own resources and, where appropriate, with any international assistance and co-operation, in particular, financial, artistic, scientific and technical, which it may be able to obtain.

Article 5
To ensure that effective and active measures are taken for the protection, conservation and presentation of the cultural and natural heritage situated on its territory, each State Party to this Convention shall endeavor, in so far as possible, and as appropriate for each country:

  • to adopt a general policy which aims to give the cultural and natural heritage a function in the life of the community and to integrate the protection of that heritage into comprehensive planning programmes;

As owner of the land, the Queensland Government must assume some responsibility in meeting Australia’s obligations under the Convention. Whereas they may turn to the Australian Government for financial assistance, Queensland is clearly in the position to ensure “protection, conservation and presentation” of the World Heritage area. So too, is the Springbrook community.

Some thoughts on desirable outcomes:

  • Springbrook residents appreciate the natural heritage values of Springbrook and recognise the privilege of living in a World Heritage precinct.
  • Springbrook residents have, and visitors leave with, an understanding of the World Heritage Convention and its goals
  • Springbrook residents are protective of Springbrook’s natural heritage values.
  • Springbrook has the look and feel of a natural wonder of international significance.
  • Visitors to Springbrook leave with an understanding of the Plateau’s world heritage values and the importance of protecting those values.
  • Springbrook’s economy is fundamentally linked to World Heritage.
  • Springbrook’s businesses play a significant role in presenting the World Heritage precinct.